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What Kind of Sanitary Napkin is more Suitable for you
Posted: 04/20/2017 07:33:47  Hits: 44
1.Women with sensitive skin had better use the cotton top surface napkins.
Many sanitary napkins have mesh top surface. As the mesh is made from fiber, some people may be allergic to it. Another factor which can cause allergic reaction is that the napkins themselves does not reach hygiene requirements. The cotton top napkins will not easily cause allergy. It had better not use fiber mesh napkins for women with sensitive skin.
2.Women without vaginitis had better not use pharmaceutical sanitary napkins.
During menstrual period, the pharmaceutical sanitary napkins to some extent can keep the women’ s vagina. For women during menstrual period,pharmaceutical sanitary napkins can protect the vagina from bacteria to some degree , but it impossibly keeps the vagina sterile. If you always use pharmaceutical sanitary napkins, it will break acid-base balance of women  vagina, make vagina become dependent on the pharmaceutical sanitary napkins and weaken its autoimmunization and cleaning capabilities, which will make women more likely to suffer from vaginitis.
3.Women with profuse menstruation had better choose mesh top surface and funnel type napkins.
For the situation of profuse menstruation, each brand has corresponding overnight use napkins with specially length or thickness. It is better for you to choose mesh top surface and funnel type napkins to keep partial skin dry and avoid damp. And the funnel-shaped design is more advantageous than the tube-shaped design, since leaking liquid won’ t flow back easily.
4.Be more careful when choosing tampon 
Tampon is welcomed by many women because it makes sports and travel very easy. However tampon also has hidden troubles, for example, it can easily bring bacteria to vagina and finally cause gynaecopathia. If you do not change the tampon frequently, it will make the menstruation flow back and cause gynecological diseases such as endometriosis.

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