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Sanitary Napkins with Fluff Pulp Conforming to International Standards (Part Two)
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2. Touching the sanitary napkin
You can unwrap the packaging to check whether the internal structure is safe or not after you bought the sanitary napkin. Put the sanitary napkin on your hands, and touch it carefully. Good sanitary napkins should have uniform thicknesses, clean surfaces and normal colors, and you can feel they are fluffy, light and soft when you pinch sanitary napkins; while bad sanitary napkins are harder and have uneven thicknesses.

3. Checking the internal part of the sanitary napkin
Just now we mentioned that bad sanitary napkins can be identified by touching. If you are worried about quality of sanitary napkins, you can tear sanitary napkins to check the materials inside the sanitary napkins. Good sanitary napkins are made of fluff pulp which have strong adsorbability and good fluffiness, while bad sanitary napkins are made of rubbish or tailing that are beated. The material of the bad sanitary napkin can be distinguished, even if it is bleached.  

4. Smelling the sanitary napkin carefully
When you tear the sanitary napkin to check the material, you can also carefully smell the sanitary napkin so as to know whether there is the chemical agent in the sanitary napkin or not.

5. Testing the permeability
Because we can not experiment with menstruation, we often experiment on a cup of water or use an injector to inject the surface layer of the sanitary napkin in order to know the absorptive amount of the sanitary napkin and to compare absorbtivity and infiltration rate through observation.

6. Choosing a proper channel for the sanitary napkin
A. Large-scale supermarkets or retail chain stores
B. OTC chain drugstores
C. The official authorized flagship stores or the authorized online retailers

7. Clearing up the misunderstanding
(1) Imported sanitary napkins are better than domestic sanitary napkins.
(2) Sanitary napkins with old brands are better than that of new brands.
(3) Promotion and special sanitary napkins don't have good quality.
(4) Sample sacks and gifts don't have good quality.
(5) The higher the sanitary napkin's price is, the better the sanitary napkin becomes.
(6) Like publicity of anion, nano silver, far infrared, bamboo charcoal and other functions of sanitary napkins very much.
(7) Like sanitary napkins whose surface layers contain essential oils or Chinese herbs very much.
(8) Like sanitary napkins without wings very much. Actually, many customers don't have good experiences with sanitary napkins without wings. It is recommended using sanitary napkins with wings.
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