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The Quality Index of Sanitary Napkins (Part One)
Posted: 06/17/2017 01:12:26  Hits: 30
1. Allergenicity: The lower the allergenicity is, the better the sanitary napkins become.
The mesh surface: As daily necessities, sanitary napkins have direct contact with our skin. The top surface of sanitary napkins is the mesh surface, which is responsible for the allergenicity.

In general, there are two kinds of mesh surfaces:
1) Cotton Mesh surface: It is made of nonwoven spunlace, and it is softer with lower allergenicity.
2) Dry mesh surface: The dry mesh surface is made of the PE film with holes, which has higher allergenicity. Both the top dry mesh surface and the bottom layer of sanitary napkins can not have any offensive odors or stains.

Some manufacturers like to add perfume on the products to attract females. However, both natural and synthetic perfume will increase the allergenicity of sanitary napkins. Therefore, it is better to choose sanitary napkins without perfume.

2. Permeation Speed: the faster the permeation speed is, the better the sanitary napkins become.
Obviously, the faster the permeation speed is, the more comfortable you become. The absorption speed of sanitary napkins is also the permeation speed of the fluids. The process of permeation is accomplished with a series of the napkins' structural cooperation, therefore permeation is naturally affected by various factors.

Test Method: Pour the same amount of normal saline on each mesh surface of the sanitary napkins and take records of the permeation time. The one with the fastest permeation speed is the best. 

Materials of the Mesh Surfaces: Cotton mesh surface is quite loose and fluids can permeate the surface faster than it permeates the dry mesh surface. But the dry mesh surface itself features in waterproof. When the fluids reach the absorption layer through the small holes, they won't flow back easily. Thus, you will feel dry and comfortable.

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