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Right Sanitary Napkin Makes Good Hygiene
Posted: 04/20/2017 06:01:06  Hits: 49
Tip 1: Choose famous brand  
Usually, the huge sanitary napkins enterprise owns better manufacturing condition, stricter administration and supervision on sanitary index inspection and physical property of sanitary napkins, and some of them have already passed the quality system certification. You can get better guarantee of personal hygiene if you choose sanitary napkins from those huge enterprises.
Tip 2: Discern qualified packing
The material of sanitary napkins packing should be non-toxic, harmless and clean and will not leak and be damaged easily. You should specially note if the hygienic license of the manufacturer is valid or not. The hygienic license can only be approved by Public Health Bureau of province, autonomous region and municipality. Try to choose the sanitary napkins with individual packing to avoid pollution during storage. 
Tip 3: Note shelf life
The production of sanitary napkins has to go through the process of high temperature setrilization. Whatever setrilization method is adopted, these methods can only keep the sanitary napkins sterile for a period of time. Thus, there is an shelf life of each sanitary napkin. General sanitary napkin has a shelf life of three years. Even the qualified products, once they expired, they will become hotbeds for bacterial growth. It is not suitable to put the sanitary napkins in the cluttered family environment for a long time.

Tip 4: See through all kinds of “nouns”
Many producers have harangue on the features of their sanitary products. Words like “green”, “stereo-protection”, “dainty”, “ultrathin”, “dazzling”, etc, more and more novel worlds emerge endlessly. Can you understand various words shown on sanitary napkins and make sure not to be  fooled during purchasing?

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