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What To Do on Sanitary Napkin Sensitity
Posted: 02/17/2017 06:01:53  Hits: 48
What To Do on Sanitary Napkin Sensitity
1. Try not to use the dry, comfortable and mesh sanitary napkin
The women with sensitive skin had better not use the dry and comfortable mesh sanitary napkin.The cotton top napkin is better. Although the mesh napkin has quick absorption, the cotton mesh is more comfortable and softer and has the least affect to the skin.

2.Take care on the diet
During the menstrual period, do not eat the high fat and high calorie food. On the contrary, eat some fruit, vegetable and beans. Then your body will also become clean and comfortable.

3.avoid the sensitive source
As soon as you have the pruritic feeling, please stop using the brand of the sanitary. You had better find the sensitive source(the most common reason is the essence of napkin). Do not use the sanitary napkin which contains the same element again.

4.Choose the correct sanitary napkin
a.Please check if the sanitary napkin is produced by the normal manufacturer. The napkin in the big shopping mall are always the famous brand and have the quality guarantee. Don’t buy the loose and broken packing napkin as it is cheap.

b.Try to choose the common napkin without untoward effect.Usually the cotton surface napkin will not cause the sensitivity. The women with sensitive skin please be careful not using the fiber and mesh top sanitary napkin.
Read clearly on the production date and shelf life. Many women don’t have the habit to read the date when purchasing the napkin and they will buy a lot of these to store. In fact the napkin has the shelf life too. The quality of the overdue napkin can not be guaranteed. Usually the closer of the production date is, the better the napkin is.

5.Wash your hands before changing the napkin
It is known that washing hands before eating and after toilet. It is the same to change the sanitary napkin. For when you seal off, unpack, sooth, and stickup the sanitary napkin, the bacteria will be taken to the napkin. The napkin directly contact the skin of women vulva and women has the weak resistance during the menstrual period. Once you are careless, it will increase the rate to get the gynecological disease.
6.Do not store the sanitary napkin in the rest room.
For convenience some women store the napkin in the rest room cabinet. Comparing with other room in home, the rest room is the most moist place. Some family’s rest room are out of sunshine.It doesn’t hardly realized that the sanitary napkin is more easily invaded by the bacteria after being affected by damp. After unpacking, the napkin should be put on the dry and tidy place. Do not use the napkin if it get moist.

7.Change the sanitary napkin regularly

Which kind of the napkin easily causes sensitivity?
1.Inferior sanitary napkin
The sanitary napkin is not fit for the sanitary standard. There exposes many manufactures on the internet which pretend the famous producer to made the inferior sanitary napkin. This indicates that there are a lot of forged and fake commodity in the napkin industry. People getting sensitivity may mainly be from these adulterate products which even the mere sterility can not be realized.

2.Medicine sanitary napkin
The girls like to use the napkin with perfume or medicine because the kind will kill the bacteria and get rid of the smell. The medicine napkin will easily causes sensitivity and seriously it will cause the gynecological disease, although the sanitary napkin can have some certain protection for clearness of women vulve.

Usually the medicine sanitary napkin is used when making a definite diagnosis or abortion. It can kill the bad bacteria effectively on the vulve and help to treat. It is fit for some ill women, but not necessary for the healthy women. The Chinese medicine sanitary napkin can not treat the gynecological disease, even prevention of diseases is impossible.

3.The cool and refreshing napkin
Some girls always feel there is a bad smell during the menstrual period. Thus they choose the napkin with floral and mint smell. Although the sanitary napkin can covers the smell, it will cause the sensitive skin. The kind of napkin give you a sense of cool and refreshing because the napkin surface was added with the mint. And the mint will be harmful to women’ s body.

Use the cool and refreshing sanitary will not harm to the faintly acid surrounding of the vulve and even won`’t make the menstrual less. But you should be careful that the sensitive skin and body will have anaphylactic reaction and skin stimulus if using the essence and medicine sanitary napkin.

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