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Reasons for Leakages of Diapers
Posted: 09/07/2017 02:06:30  Hits: 23
In fact, the current diaper technology has been more mature and the leakage of the diaper won't happen under the normal circumstance; therefore, when leakages occur, mothers please do not blame diapers. What are the reasons for leakages of diapers?

1. Using diapers wrongly
It's seemingly simple to use diapers, but if you use diapers wrongly, leakages of diapers will easily happen. There are some points that mothers should pay attention to when mothers help babies wear diapers.
① Before the baby wearing the diaper, hold both ends of the diaper and stretch the diaper for three or four times; hold elastic waist ends and stretch the diaper for a few times so as to make sure that diapers have good elasticity. 

② There are anti leakage edges for both sides of diapers; you need to fold the fastener tape of diapers to avoid adhesive strips sticking to inner surfaces of diapers before wearing diapers for babies; this step is very important. 

③ Make the baby lie when you wear the diaper for the baby; you need to pay attention to both sides of the fastener tape being pasted symmetrically; the diaper needs to be worn fit, and shouldn't be worn too loosely or too tightly.

④ After wearing diapers for babies, stroke diapers near babies' thighs; check the symmetry of the diaper again.

Do mothers think that wearing diapers for your babies puts you to a lot of trouble and cost you much time? Actually, if you grasp the gist based on the above methods, wearing diapers for your babies will be very easy.

2. Inappropriate sizes
Inappropriate sizes of diapers will cause leakages of diapers.

3. Saturation of diapers 
Plenty of urine or wearing diapers for a long time can cause saturation of diapers; absorption of urine will be poor and leakages can easily occur; when this happens, it is recommended that diapers should be changed and wearing time of diapers should be shorten.

4. Activity of babies and asymmetry of diapers
For some baby, especially for the baby exercises a lot, diapers which are worn properly will be askew after some time; when this happens, leakages will easily occur; parents should always pay attention to your babies' diapers; if your babies' diapers are askew, you should adjust them in time so as to prevent leakages of diapers.

5. Babies lying prone at night can make urine not flow well, resulting in too much urine in the front of the diaper and the easy leakage of the diaper.

Meanwhile, the prone sleeping is not good for the growth of the baby and can press the heart of the baby; we recommend adjusting your babies' sleeping positions after they are fast asleep asleep. 

Occasional leakages of diapers are mostly caused by the first, the third and the fourth points and mothers only need to pay more attention to the three points. If the leakage always happens, then we must analyze its reasons based on the above aspects in order to avoid the frequent leakage of the diaper.
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