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Overview and Development Trend of Paper Diaper
Posted: 12/31/2016 02:06:35  Hits: 68
Recently, there is a increasing number of mothers purchasing paper diaper. Normal families choose to use paper diaper, which means the market is expanding. Therefore, we are going to analyze the overview and development trend of paper diaper.

Industry Overview

1. Turnover keeps increasing.

2. The online market penetration rate of paper diaper is high. According to a research, two-thirds of Chinese surveyed customers said they would buy baby diaper online.

Portrait of Customers--Gender and Age

1. Like the whole maternal and child industry, the majority are women. And it still increasing year by year.

2. Customers of those who buy paper diaper are most between 29-35 years old. The rate is much higher than whole maternal and child industry, the proportion of younger between 23-28 years old is increasing with years. 

Portrait of Customers--Depth of Online Shopping and Consumption Grade

1. Most customers are heavy and advanced users, of which the proportion is higher than the average level of maternal and child industry. As time goes on, the frequency of online shopping is about to deepen, however, the consumer grade is tend to subside.

2. For security reasons, customers who had heavy online shopping habits or pursue high advanced level may choose to buy paper diaper online.

Moving Tendency--General Development Situation

1. Paper diaper’s online market has already entered into mobile e-commerce era, which is earlier than maternal and child industry, and it cultivate customers for mobile market of maternal and child industry.

2. The increasing number of viewers is vanguard of mobile e-commerce. And it has surpassed PC in January 2014 for the first time. Within four months, this number is more than half. Finally, in October 2014, the penetration rate of mobile market is over 50%, which is higher than the average level of maternal and child industry.

Moving Tendency--Development Situation of Different Groups

1. For different groups, mobile market should aim to female, younger and heavy online shopping users.

2. There is only a little differences of accepting mobile among customers of different levels, the penetration rate of basic customers is higher than other groups.

Moving Tendency--Different Areas

1. As for areas, mobile has high penetration rate in low tie cities and mid-western areas.

2. The future of e-commerce is mobile; underdeveloped area is expected to make a leap forward in its development through e-commerce.

Suggestion of Management

1. The whole maternal and child industry has great potential, including paper diaper. Businesses should catch the opportunity to expand.

2. Paper diaper has already entered the mobile e-commerce era. Businesses should meet the challenge and formulate strategy to optimize ourselves. 

3. For offline brands, online prices should be highlighted. Meanwhile, we should guaranteed products’ quality and do better advertising and differentiation for those lack of sufficient channels.

4. Customers is very sensitive to sales promotion; it’s a good timing to cultivate new users. In order to do this, we need provide pre-after sale services for users.

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