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Matters Needing Attention of Diapers
Posted: 07/24/2017 04:24:09  Hits: 21
What's the expiration date of the diaper
The shelf life of diapers is usually three years, subject to the expiration date on each pack. Each pack of diapers is printed some words which indicate that the diapers should be used before a certain date. It would be better for mothers to purchase "fresh" diapers through the proper channels to prevent doing harm to babies' health due to the counterfeit and shoddy products. Besides, the diapers should be used up within two to three months after being opened. If it is wet, they need to be used up within one month, or the bacteria will be growing over time. If they have been opened for a long time, parents had better expose them to the sun before using them, which will be beneficial to sterilization. Mothers are often advised not to hoard too many cases when purchasing diapers. Different diapers of different brands vary in size and many other aspects, and if mothers find that the diapers are suitable for their babies after they purchase a small pack of diapers, they only need to buy enough diapers which can be used for one to two months. 

Matters Needing Attention of Diapers
If babies have allergic reaction when using the diapers, mothers should immediately stop using them. Maybe babies will not be allergic if diapers of another brand are replaced, and perhaps babies will adapt if diapers and cloth diapers are used in alternation. There will be wet and irritant environment which is detrimental to the health of the babies' skin if the diapers are not changed in time. Therefore, although diapers are convenient for babies, they should not be worn for a long time but need to be changed constantly. What's more, don't change the new diaper immediately after taking off the old one, since we should make the babies' skin keep dry and breathe properly, which will reduce the risk of diaper rash.

The Time of Changing Diapers for Babies  
The time of changing diapers for babies are every time before or after nursing, every time after finishing defecating, before babies falling asleep, after babies waking up and before taking babies out. 

The Procedures of Changing Diapers 
When changing the diaper, parents should prepare a pair of clean diaper, a package of wet tissues, a urine pad for isolating the baby's piss, a soft towel, a small basin of warm water, some barrier cream or vaseline oil. Parents must wash their hands with clean water or soap every time before changing the diaper to prevent the bacteria on their hands from contaminating the diaper. What needs to be paid attention to is that do not leave the baby alone in the bed.

Let the baby lie in the bed and put the urine pad under the baby's body, take off the wet diaper, raise and secure the baby's feet, and use wet tissues to clean the baby from top to bottom. After finishing cleaning, parents should elevate the baby's bottom and apply the Vaseline oil. Then, turn the diaper with tape to the side of baby's waist, place the diaper under the baby's bottom, and wrap up the diaper. After wrapping up the diaper, parents should put two index fingers inside the diaper to test whether it will be too tight or too loose. Last, stick the bilateral adhesion tape to the rough side of the diaper in order to stick it repeatedly. If the baby only pees, just change a new diaper; If the baby defecates, parents should firstly use wet tissues or soft towel to wipe off the shit, clean the baby's bottom with warm water and then dry it.

Babies have soft skin, and therefore, parents should spend a little extra effort as for the selection of diapers. Parents should try to purchase diapers from formal shopping malls or supermarkets. When purchasing diapers, there are some other things that parents should notice. The diapers that are used in autumn and winter should be thicker and have strong water absorption. While in spring and summer, parents should not just focus on thickness and strong water absorption but need to choose the flimsy and breathable diapers. 

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