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  • Reasons for Leakages of Diapers
    Posted: 09/07/2017 02:06:30  Hits: 17
    In fact, the current diaper technology has been more mature and the leakage of the diaper won't happen under the normal circumstance; therefore, when leakages occur, mothers please do not blame diapers. What are the reasons for leakages of diapers? 1. Using diapers wrongly It's seemingly si...
  • Matters Needing Attention of Diapers
    Posted: 07/24/2017 04:24:09  Hits: 18
    What's the expiration date of the diaper?  The shelf life of diapers is usually three years, subject to the expiration date on each pack. Each pack of diapers is printed some words which indicate that the diapers should be used before a certain date. It would be better for mothers to purcha...
  • What To Do on Sanitary Napkin Sensitity
    Posted: 02/17/2017 06:01:53  Hits: 47
    What To Do on Sanitary Napkin Sensitity 1. Try not to use the dry, comfortable and mesh sanitary napkin The women with sensitive skin had better not use the dry and comfortable mesh sanitary napkin.The cotton top napkin is better. Although the mesh napkin has quick absorption, the cotton mesh is mor...
  • Current Situation and Developing Trend of Sanitary Napkin Market
    Posted: 01/23/2017 09:27:03  Hits: 71
      1.The Current Situation of Sanitary Napkin Market Human healthy is the most focused topic in the world now, and the women sanitary napkin is a very important branch of the healthy system. Since 1980 the sanitary napkin has been accepted by most Chinese women because of its convenient and cl...
  • Overview and Development Trend of Paper Diaper
    Posted: 12/31/2016 02:06:35  Hits: 67
    Recently, there is a increasing number of mothers purchasing paper diaper. Normal families choose to use paper diaper, which means the market is expanding. Therefore, we are going to analyze the overview and development trend of paper diaper. Industry Overview 1. Turnover keeps increasing. 2. The...
  • 2016 Chinese Baby Diapers Market Grows Rapidly
    Posted: 08/09/2016 04:24:38  Hits: 70
    Baby diapers market in China has grown rapidly in the past five years. With the opening of the two child policy, Chinese baby diapers market is expected to continue to grow. Relevant experts said: "In order to improve the competitiveness of baby diaper in China market, brands and companies firs...
  • Diapers Market Rise Rapidly in China
    Posted: 06/23/2016 02:49:28  Hits: 53
    In 2016, with “two child” policy fully liberalized, more families joined the ranks of two-child, which brought great opportunities and challenges to the infant supplies industry, especially the diaper industry. Combined with our diaper industry market data analysis and the improvement of...
  • Analysis of Chinese Sanitary Napkin Industry
    Posted: 05/10/2016 03:09:02  Hits: 179
    According to the authoritative report, there has two groups in domestic sanitary napkin market at present: foreign brands represented by Whisper and other four brands occupy the high-end market, and these five brands take more than half of market shares; at the same time, the force of domestic brand...
  • Market of Chinese Baby Diaper Industry is Promising in 2016
    Posted: 03/01/2016 04:40:25  Hits: 64
    With the changing consumption concept of the young generation parents, the demands for baby diapers are increasing significantly which give huge potential for Chinese baby diaper industry. Researches and reports of 2015 have indicated that the increasing consumption ability and the implementation o...
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