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Knowledge of Sanitary Napkins (Part Two)
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Disposable stages of sanitary napkins
Cellucotton was invented in the First World War, and abandoned bandages and their extended products appeared due to the appearance of cellucotton. The nurses would use cotton cloth used in the surgery or gauze used to bind up a wound to make disposable sanitary napkins by themselves. This was how a sanitary napkin was born. In the twentieth century, some companies began to produce sanitary napkins, and women used safety pins to fix the sanitary napkin

It is also said that during the First World War, American female nurses who served in France still needed to keep their elegance, agility and skillfulness even during menstruation. These women who were in light and graceful white coat were pioneers of modern professional women. Therefore, they made a bold attempt to make a sanitary napkin by combining bandages with medicinal cotton. That was the earliest sanitary napkin. The invention of a sanitary napkin is undoubtedly great, and its meaning is even across the age. Therefore, the sanitary napkin was regarded as one of the ten inventions affecting mankind in the twentieth century.

In 1921, the world's first disposable sanitary napkin came from Kimberly-Clark ( Kotex)

In 1927, Johnson & Johnson also launched a sanitary napkin brand, that was Modess.

In the 1970s, there was a major breakthrough in the evolution of sanitary napkins, which was the appearance of sanitary napkins with a sticky adhesive on the back.

Comfortable wings and thin sanitary napkins rewrited the history of the sanitary napkin from 1989 to 1990. 

Main classifications
Sanitary napkins can be classified into three categories based on their surface materials, that is, dry mesh sanitary napkins, cotton sanitary napkins and pure cotton sanitary napkins. 

Dry mesh sanitary napkins
Dry mesh sanitary napkins refer to sanitary napkins whose surfaces are made of PE perforated films, and the main material is polythene.

Cotton sanitary napkins
Cotton sanitary napkins refer to sanitary napkins whose surfaces are made of all kinds of non-woven materials. The main material is polypropylene, which is also known as PP.

Pure cotton sanitary napkins  
Pure cotton sanitary napkins refer to sanitary napkins whose surfaces are made of pure cotton, and the main material is the pure cotton nonwoven fabric.
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