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Are You Still Using Herb Sanitary Napkins? (Part Two)
Posted: 08/22/2017 05:17:41  Hits: 12
3. The cleaning effect of the herb sanitary napkins will increase drug dependence.
Generally, when a woman has an abortion or is diagnosed as some disease, using sanitary napkins with herbs can can effectively kill the harmful bacteria at the vulva and have the effect of adjuvant treatment. However, healthy women do not need to use herb sanitary napkins. If healthy women use herb sanitary napkins for a long time, the acid-base balance of the vagina will be upset, resulting in the vagina being dependent on herb sanitary napkins and easily harmed by the bacterial.

4. The cleaning effect of the herb sanitary napkins even can't prevent gynecological diseases.
Herbs sanitary napkins mostly have Chinese medicine ingredients. Some herb sanitary napkin manufacturers exaggerate and claim that the herb sanitary napkin can prevent a variety of gynecological diseases, adjust the balance of yin and yang, warm and nourish the uterus, nourish the kidney, soothe the nerve and have the effect of curing 70 percent of gynecological diseases. However, the expert says that sanitary napkins with Chinese herbs can not cure gynecological diseases and they are unlikely to prevent gynecological diseases.

Improperly using sanitary napkins can easily cause gynecological diseases.
Some experts believe that Chinese herbs ingredients soak into sanitary napkins and sanitary napkins only contain small amount of herb ingredients which are difficult to be absorbed by having skin contact. Many women wear underwear with shaping effects especially in summer. The underwear is neither loose nor breathable, which can easily cause gynecological diseases. If you often use herb sanitary napkins or herb sanitary panty liners, they will upset the acid-base balance of the vagina, cause vagina's dependence on herb sanitary napkins and make self immunity and cleaning ability of the vagina poor and the vagina easily harmed by the bacteria. Some women with sensitive skins should pay more attention to herb sanitary napkins, because they may cause skin allergies and make the vagina itch or have other symptoms.

We should change sanitary napkins without herbs very often.
Healthy women should choose cotton mesh sanitary napkins without fragrances or herbs. However, ordinary sanitary napkins can't effectively have the health effect of killing the bacteria, diminishing inflammation and removing odor.

From the health point of view, blood from menstruation is the good nutrient media for bacterial reproduction. Therefore, women should choose sanitary napkins with good absorption and dry meshes and without irritating their skins. They had better change their sanitary napkins every two to three hours even when the menstrual amount is small. Change the sanitary napkin before going to bed and women do not need to change the sanitary napkin again until early in the morning. Wash your hands before using the sanitary napkin. Otherwise, germs on your hands will be brought to sanitary napkins easily in the using process.
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