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Are You Still Using Herb Sanitary Napkins? (Part One)
Posted: 08/04/2017 11:38:04  Hits: 17
With progress of technologies and improvements of people's living standards, ordinary sanitary napkins can not meet the needs of diversified markets. Therefore, concepts of wings, being ultra-thin, dry and comfortable are no longer new. Herb sanitary napkins such as sophora flavescens, fructus cnidii, houttuynia cordatas, mint, leonurus japonicus sanitary napkins, etc. came into the market quietly. The manufacturers of herb sanitary napkins claim that herb sanitary napkins have health efficacy of antibacteria, relieving itches, etc.

At present, there are a variety of sanitary napkin brands on the market. But sanitary napkins with selling points of fragrance, the antibacterial effect and gynecological diseases prevention and cures attract a lot of women.

Sanitary napkins and sanitary panty liners containing fragrance have become highlights of the sanitary napkin market, which mainly attract girls who are around 25 years old. For example, sanitary napkins or sanitary panty liners with tea, jasmine or mint aromas appeal to a large number of young women. 

Moreover, the manufacturers of sanitary napkins containing herbs proposed the concept of preventing gynecological diseases a few years ago. Therefore, women who are around thirty or forty years old are loyal consumers for these products. Sanitary napkins containing herbs such as leonurus japonicus, aloes, etc., are their best choices.

The famous brands including Sofy, Anerle and Whisper have launched sanitary napkins and sanitary panty liner series with fragrance. The manufacturers claim that herb sanitary napkins on the market have health efficacy of antibacteria, relieving itches, etc.

Do herb sanitary napkins really have the functions of preventing diseases just like they are advertised?

Exposing four big lies of herb sanitary napkins 
1. Sterilization will cause vulva flora disorders.
Even during menstruation, healthy females' vulva floras are in states of mutual restraints and interactions. Sanitary napkins containing antimicrobial ingredients will affect the normal amount of the flora and likely reduce the amount of a certain kind of flora, resulting in other kinds of floras growing. In this case, vulva floras will damage vaginal special environment due to the unbalance, and it's more likely to have the possibility of fungal growth.

Doctors pointed out that although herb sanitary napkins are claimed to have functions of antibacteria, menstruation cramp, discomfort and relieving itches, it is not recommended using them very often. Because the human body has its own immunologic mechanisms, uncertainty of the herbal content marked on the sanitary napkins and changing the sanitary napkins after a long time will lead to bacterial reproduction and diseases.

2. Masking the smell will lead to allergies.
Some of sanitary napkins with flowery or mint odors are particularly popular on the market. Many women feel that there is always an unpleasant odor during menstruation, and this type of sanitary napkins can cover the unpleasant smells. In this regard, gynaecologists pointed out that women with allergic constitutions should select sanitary napkins more carefully.

Some ingredients of sanitary napkins containing perfumes and herbs may cause skin allergies. Women's immunity is poor when they are having periods; many women choose sanitary napkins which are not suitable for themselves, and they feel their vaginas very itched after using the herb sanitary napkins. There will be itches even vulva swellings or a large amount of dermatitis at the vaginas.
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